Saturday, May 8, 2010

Word to my Mother

To the spunky woman whose always ready for a chat and whose laugh can be heard 10 miles down the road:

Thank-you for holding my hand when I crossed the road and for teaching me to look both ways before I crossed the street.
Thank-you for putting up my pictures on the fridge (and not laughing), even when they were embarrassingly bad.
Thank-you for baking cookies with me as a child, letting me press my fork into the peanut butter ones, and lick the bowl after.
Thank-you for all the hugs and kisses.
Thank-you for nagging me to do my laundry and take the 'mess' out of my so-called "organized mess" of clothing heaps.
Thank-you for your sound advice, and letting me make mistakes anyways.
Thank-you for putting a reality check in my imaginative and day-dreaming mind.
Thank-you for teaching me the art of patience, which I have yet to perfect.
Thank-you for your smiles and laughs, and surprising me with your unexpected jokes.
Thank-you for never complaining about my university expenses, which I desperately hope to pay back to you someday.
Thank-you for the hug I can always count on when I come off the plane.
Thank-you for the long conversations when I call home crying about school, someone whose hurt me, stress, and worries, and gently reminding me that life goes on and it's not so bad.
Thank-you for loving me when I'm far less than perfect.
Thank-you for giving me my independence and letting me learn to be my own person.

Thank-you for being my mom, and a darn good one at that.
Love you lots - Happy Mother's Day!

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