Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dear economics, I hate you. And you're completely blind stance on ethics too.

I was told today that my university would never consider an ethical investment or procurement policy. Their only obligation is to the lowest cost company. They also stated that their obligation is to the beneficiaries. Which I then asked them to define - they told me that these were the students. So I asked them, what if the students, these beneficiaries which they are advocating for, say that they don't want to do business with an unethical corporation. The response? "I don't care - we go for the lowest cost company."

I hate economics. And its little dog too.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

To the bipolar moments of a female's week:

I've never noticed, until recently, how very easy it is to go from extremely happy to extremely sad, all within the span of a day, or maybe two. Sometimes, within a minute or two. It seems to happen more than usual to me nowadays.

I know this guy who told me that every girl he's ever dated is completely bipolar - that they go from extremely happy and wonderful to completely depressed, and they're too unpredictable for him. He says it happens every time.

My advice - welcome to the world of women.

We're really not THAT bad though. You'll just need to get used to some mood swings. The extra estrogen makes us a little bit bipolar sometimes. Especially for about three or four days of the month - we're especially bipolar during that time. So be warned. You'll never meet a woman with a completely steady flow of emotion. We're just not designed that way. - that being said, at least we don't go punching holes in walls when we're angry (I've heard this was done by... 5 guys so far) - girls just tell you we're angry. so HA!

Relationship wise - I think it's pretty normal for all of us to have good days and bad days - for certain people to deal with stress better than others - while some of us are particularly bombarded with things one day, and completely free the next. I think girls are emotional creatures - and we don't hide it very well (most of us anyways). Guys are emotional too - but they bottle it up inside most of the time (though not all of them) and then punch a hole in the wall. So what's better? Maybe... neither. You just have to deal with those tough times in life, and love the person anyways. Best advice I can give on that topic.

Peace! xo

Monday, October 11, 2010

we all want to be loved.

we all want to be loved.

Love implies commitment
the decision to make tea
out of boiling water.
And then add some milk
and sugar to sweeten it up.

to empty ourselves
of ourself
and instead
to fill up another.

Love is perhaps
the closest to God
we can ever get.

Taking Chances

So I've decided.

Perhaps it is better
To take a chance
On something you really believe in
Or someone you really care about
And fail

Than to never take the chance
And find out that

It was worth the risk.