Wednesday, April 28, 2010

To Ecletic Music Tastes :)

I don't know about you, but sometimes I feel like a menopausal woman when it comes to music. Seriously. I used to like one type of music, or at the very least have a favourite type of music. Maybe I still do... But it seems like more and more, my playlists look like this (and yes, this is actually from one of my real playlists):

1. Good Morning Heartache - Billie Holiday
2. Handcuffs - Brand New
3. Hide and Seek - Imogen Heap
4. I Gotta Feelin' - Black Eyed Peas
5. Konstantine - Something Corporate
6. Landslide - Dixie Chicks
7. Nowhere With You - Joel Plaskett

I'm fairly sure I just covered about every genre out there in 7 songs - minus the screamo - although I've even started listening to some of that too. Yes, my music tastes have gone completely nuts. But I love it anyways, hahaha.

There's something to appreciate in each genre, or perhaps in each song, or each artist, or in each set of song lyrics. However you would like to distinguish one piece from another.

Example: Taylor Swift is probably one of the lamest music artists ever. Seriously girlfriend, get a life-you don't need a man. Be independent - and be happy because you are. ;) There's more to life than broken hearts. And if you really like that guy, just tell him, don't write a sappy song about it. ... Yet, I know every one of the lyrics to her songs and they are just sooo catchy. Plus, when I'm in a particularly romantic/love-sick mood, some Taylor Swift always ends up playing and I end up belting out the lyrics along to it.

Brand New. Not a particularly musically-talented band. In fact, the singer could use some voice lessons. BUT I love them. They're in my top three favourite music artists of all-time. Their lyrics are amazing and the tunes are just... I don't know, perfect. I like it!

Moving on. Black Eyed Peas. Pretty... sexist. I'd rather not hear about your stupid "good night" or that sexy chick you met drunk at the bar. But then again, I could dance like a wild woman to all of their songs, and love tossing my hair around as I jump up and down to Boom Boom Pow. lol. Plus, One Tribe and Where is the Love? are preeettttttyyyy great songs. (I know all the lyrics... yes. that's right. I rap in my car)

And of course, how could I forget the voice of one of the best singers of all time? Billie Holiday! The best jazz singer of her time, and a fighter nonetheless. I'll be Seeing You, April in Paris, and Dream a Little Dream of Me get me every time. What a singer.

Oh! What to do when your tastes run from country to indie to pop to jazz to rock. Well, embrace them all! It's much more fun that way. ;)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

To the end of one more year of university, and the beginning of something New :)

The end of my second year is coming to an end, and all I have left now is to finish a paper and write two exams. Then all will be done, and I will officially be going into my third year of study. It's crazy to think about - that I'm actually this old. :S Wow. I suppose it has to come some time or another.

Well, to everyone who's been a part of this past year, thank-you for making it into one of the best ever. I've made some amazing friends, developed my past friendships even better, and done some pretty crazy things.

For Becca, you have been a superb friend and one of the sweetest girls ever. I'm so happy I got to know you!! Plus, I am PUMPED to live with you next winter!! We will have some killer adventures together, hehehe:D

For Jennie bunny, Mary bear, Magoo, Courtney, and Michael, you guys are the best friends ever!! I love you guys all to death and wish I could bring you all home for the summer with me. I guess a visit from Mary and Jennie boo will have to do!! WOOOHOOO!

TO my wonderful German friend Johannes, I am going to miss you terribly when you leave. You've been such a good friend to me, and I really appreciate our long walks in Waterfowl and down Bridge Street. I'll never forget Ratty. lol. Or the crazy adventure on the railway tracks, hahaha. You scared, you scared! lol. I certainly hope that I get the chance to see you again, whether it be in Germany, England, or Canada. :)

To all my other indescribable friends, Keleigh, Rebecca, Phil, Courtney, Ashley, Kristie, Melissa, Vanessa, gahhh... I'm going to miss so many names, and I'm soooo sorry if I didn't mention you and you read this, boy would I feel stupid, but each of you have really made my second year of Mount A beyond belief. I'm so pumped to come back next year and see all of you again!! Hurray!

Well, one things for sure. It's the people that make the experience, and everyone at Mount A has certainly made mine one I'll never ever forget. can't wait to see what's in store for next year!!! Here comes the summer sun! I'm ready and set for it, then once the fall comes, I'll press the go button again and speed off into a new adventure and see what happens. Hope you can all be part of it!! :)