Saturday, May 1, 2010

On the Complex Infrastructure known as the Female Mind

Girls are so interesting.
I love them.
I AM one.

But sometimes we REALLY suck. Orrrrr.... we're just weird, and awkward, and mean. Yes, we are mean. Guys can be pretty mean too, but girls are mean to their own friends, and it sucks. And you want to know what 80% of fights, if not 90% of fights are over?? Boys. The male race is the source of cat fights everywhere. Thank-you boys.

Listen up females! Girls are your arm swinging, puddle jumping, shoulder crying, facial painting, song screaming, heart sharing friends, and we are hard to replace. Us women know how to have fun together - and we are pretty too. lol. I rarely laugh to the point of crying with a guy, but many a time have I fallen on the floor in pain from my abs scrunching up after laughing to the point of tears running down my face with a group of girls. We're just pretty awesome. I love girls.

But girls, sometimes we need to shape up a bit. We are no longer designated housewives whose sole purpose is to serve the husband and get pregnant. We have freedom! We can live our lives independent of husbands. We can support ourselves in whatever job we well please to do. We can become successful individuals all by ourselves! Woot woot! So why are we still living as if getting a boyfriend or husband is our sole purpose in life? (And if not SOLE purpose, at least it's up there in most peoples' lives.)

Girls, stop obsessing over guys and appreciate the gal friends you have. They're pretty awesome and they have super interesting lives too. And PLEASE, if you meet a guy, and then meet his sister, please treat her like a person, not like his sister. It's soooooo annoying. Pretty much, that's my greatest pet peeve. Seriously! I like to think that I have a pretty interesting life. My brother does too, and I'm proud as a goose of him, but when you meet me, please don't ask me about his life. When I'm talking to you, I'd like to meet you and you to meet me - not my brother thanks. Yep, so here's my challenge girls, and it's as much my problem as anyone else's: Try to keep your crushes out of the conversation when meeting someone for the first time. Just get to know who THEY are. I bet you'll think they have a pretty awesome story if you give it a chance. OH! And be sure to spend time with your own friends if you like a guy. It hurts to be a friend ditched for a guy you just met.

Coolio. Peace!

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