Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Patience is a Virtue. But a Hard one to get.

Michelangelo said that "Genius is eternal patience." I guess I have a lot to work on.

Learning to wait for something is probably one of the hardest things for me. Ever. If I could, I would make everything happen right now, achieve everything I want right now, make things happen, right now. Seriously, I always do things as soon as I think about them. I like results. Fast. But I guess that's really a problem. Cause sometimes patience can teach me so much more than I could ever learn by getting something I want immediately. It's pretty funny actually, and I hate to admit it, but Miley Cyrus got it right-It's the Climb. It's really hard sometimes to just wait for whatever that thing is that you really want. Maybe it's a job, maybe it's a special friend, maybe it's a promotion, maybe a house, maybe even that card you lost a while ago. But there's a journey we need to take when we're searching, and sometimes that journey is what makes us into the person we need to be once we reach the destination. Who would we be without the conversations we had with people, without the connections we've made within a community, without the self-discovery we endure as a single, without the experience of being rejected, without the growth of ourselves within this community of people called humanity.

If only patience was easy though! It's hard for me to see what God really want from me, to see His plan when all I want is a final destination. But I guess the other half of patience is trust. Especially trust in God, realizing that I don't understand everything, but that He'll lovingly guide me along this path called life in the direction which He knows will lead to the best me.

I'll be praying for that in my own life. Peace!

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