Saturday, November 2, 2013

Identity and the Postmodern Dilemma

Who am I is a difficult question to answer in a postmodern age.

First, the postmodernist believes that there is no truth, only what each person perceives to be true.

Second, if the postmodernist stumbles upon an identity crisis, she or he will not be able to ever figure out exactly who he or she is because there is not truth, only what she or he perceives to be true. 

In which case, we bring about problem three: He or she enters into a vicious cycle of deciding what she or he perceives to be true about her or himself (which is in constant flux because he or she also acknowledges that whatever truth they've decided on isn't actually true, just what they've decided to be true for the time being, and thus subject to change). 

And so they end up with nothing except, I am.

Lucky for them/us/me/not me/undecided, God said I AM. So if that's the only thing left after the postmodern identity crisis is the affirmation that, "I am," then perhaps I am simultaneously confirming the only thing I need to: that God is here. 

Note: I recognize the flaws in this argument, and am working out the kinks as you read. You are assured that I am 100 % positive I am absolutely confused and doubtful about most things in this argument, acknowledging the extraneous factors, stories, people, details of which I am not aware. And am searching for the truth in the midst of it.

I think it's Jesus.

And perhaps, this will be sufficient for right now.

**Side note: This post is meant to be a satirical commentary on society, postmodernism and - if I am completely honest - myself. Sometimes this doesn't come across in writing, so I am making it clear to you. - or am I? **

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