Monday, August 6, 2012

Life and Blog Update

I've decided that this blog needed some updates and changes, just as I have changed in my own life too. I've thought about this - and I think the title now more appropriately reflects this blogs contents. I'm saying this just in case one of my three followers is devastated by the title change. I'd prefer to avoid any nasty e-mails or upset comments.

Anywho, I've decided that to continue with the changes to this blog, I want to start writing down the funny stories that happen to me in my life. Which seem to come about quite frequently, whether it be that I simply notice these things and find them hilarious, or that I have a magnetic attraction for awkward and/or clumsy moments that get me into strange yet memorable situations.

I'm starting a separate blog for such stories, which I am hoping, after some polishing and revisions, may one day constitute a book. Hopefully with a mix of philosophical understanding, poetry, and humour, I will become the next Donald Miller. Only in female form.

If you are interested in such a fantastical blog, then visit this site: I'm still working on coming up with the best title, but I think this one works for now. We'll see how things progress.

Cheerio friends!

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