Saturday, July 24, 2010


So I dream a lot. Like every night, I have a new adventure/comedy/horror to share with my friends the next morning after I wake up. And I occasionally wonder why I have these dreams, or dream about the specific things I do. Sometimes, I think it's the little combinations of thoughts from the previous day, all culminating into one chaotic and non-nonsensical fairytale. Other times, it might represent my desires, my fears, or my ambitions. And other times, I think it's very spiritual, and sometimes, very scary.

Example 1: I dream myself into the role of Ishmael in Moby Dick. As captain Ahab and I sail along the ocean in search of Moby Dick, the whale emerges from the water and is about to eat the ship when I hold up my hands and shout for everyone to stop and make peace. Apologies all around (including the whale, with his deep whaley voice). Dream then follows the whale back down to the ocean floor, which goes suddenly into cartoon, with underwater phone booths, and party hats celebrating the end of fear for the whale.

Example 2: I dream that I have been kidnapped and trapped in a room, that i can't escape from. All tunnels leading away from it lead back into it. I am trapped in a cage. Being caged is my biggest fear.

Example 3: I dream that I am at my cousins' and it is being invaded by demons who are ready to possess us. I run and find a small row boat and begin paddling. They find some massive slave trading ship, and follow behind me. I have some strange ability to paddle very quickly, and keep ahead of them. I see an island with a large cross, make shore and run up to it and hug it close. The demons land, and all the people who they have possessed fall on the ground at the sight of the cross and begin weeping. They are free, and I am safe.
Not all my spiritual dreams end so nicely though. Many are dark, and many are so creepy and frightening that I end up unable to go back to sleep for hours. And yet, I realized last night, after waking out of a horrible nightmare, that it is so ridiculous for me to be afraid of these demons that haunt those dreams. God is the only one I should fear, and he has complete and total control over me. I have already surrendered myself to him, and 'He that is in me is greater than he that is in the world.' So I realized that God loves me, and his angels are encamped around me if I recognize that I should fear God and God alone. For he is my Father, my ever present friend and lover, and I should never be afraid. Even of cages. uggggh.
Read Psalm 34 for more insight ;)

Peace, love, and happiness mes amis!

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